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Friday, May 24, 2013


A new company is BORN! Finish Fit, LLC. This blog will be dedicated to all folks who are looking to "FINISH FIT" I've dedicated my life to fitness for the past 12 years. In high school I was a cross country runner. I was fit and felt great. My story changed when I got into college. I focused so much on school that I lost sight of my health and fitness. I gained 50lb over 5 years and my cholestrol shot off the roof. The funny part is that I didn't realize how overweight I was until I saw a picture of my license...WOW! I was shocked. So, I hired myself a trainer and went on a diet. It wasn't long before my trainer told me that he had gotten a gig on the show "workout" with Jakie Warner, and that he had to leave to follow his dreams. So, the next question for me was, what do I do now? Well, I started to study fitness, got certified, and started working as a trainer. I worked at various big chain clubs, became the fitness manager, and now I've started my own fitness company. I've dedicated the last 12 years to changing lives. I've helped thousands of folks get fit and now I'm about to do the same for you. This blog is dedicated to ALL of you who are struggling with your health just as I did. I hope that I can help change your life just as my trainer helped change mine. Best wishes!

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