Finish Fit

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving is over and December is upon us! For those of us whom may have enjoyed the holiday weekend a little too much, it is important to get back to business as usual, as opposed to continuing our holiday tumble toward the end of December. Going into the holiday season with more mindfulness regarding our nutritional choices, even if it is minimal, will make surviving the barrage of food more manageable, and, much easier to start and continue with many of our New Year’s Resolution goals. Continuing regularly scheduled workouts is also critical. It perpetuates mindfulness, and, it helps alleviate holiday anxiety; a much better alternative than hitting Santa’s cookie plate. So, Finish Fitters, let’s dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up, and go into December with the confidence that we can both manage and enjoy our holiday season! Finish strong and Finish Fit! 

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