Finish Fit

Monday, December 30, 2013

The New Year is Coming!

                January 1st is only a few hours away! Are you ready? Have you made your resolution(s)? Did you know that out of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions of 2014, the number one resolution is to lose weight? Other top contenders include getting healthy, and learning something new and exciting. Here at Finish Fit, we are absolutely ready to help set these goals into motion, and, most importantly, ensure they are accomplished. We are here to help you adopt healthier lifestyles, motivate you during your new and exciting workouts, and, make sure resolutions become reality. Ride that New Year’s motivation and energy to the fullest. Imagine your goals, actually write them out. Nothing is too little or too much. The more goals are envisioned and planned, the more likely they will be actualized. We have our Finish Fit location secured. Our trainers and boot camp instructors are ready. The only step left in the process is you. It’s time for you to take 2014 by the horns by making a call. It’s time to Finish Fit. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving is over and December is upon us! For those of us whom may have enjoyed the holiday weekend a little too much, it is important to get back to business as usual, as opposed to continuing our holiday tumble toward the end of December. Going into the holiday season with more mindfulness regarding our nutritional choices, even if it is minimal, will make surviving the barrage of food more manageable, and, much easier to start and continue with many of our New Year’s Resolution goals. Continuing regularly scheduled workouts is also critical. It perpetuates mindfulness, and, it helps alleviate holiday anxiety; a much better alternative than hitting Santa’s cookie plate. So, Finish Fitters, let’s dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up, and go into December with the confidence that we can both manage and enjoy our holiday season! Finish strong and Finish Fit! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Are you ready?

 The clock is ticking down to Finish Fit's exciting launch, and, a question remains: 

Are you ready?

We wanted to share some hot tips to make sure you are more than ready for your first day of class! 

 Over 60% of your body is made of water, and we fully intend on making you sweat a decent percent of it out! Water is critical for maintaining proper hydration and energy levels. A significant drop can leave you zapped and on the bench! Prevent it by bringing your water bottle! 

Don't forget to bring your towel! Its invaluable when you need to wipe the sweat out of your eyes, and, we want a barrier between you and the grass for ab and yoga work. 

Recovery Rations!
 Keep a few easy snacks handy for post workout to encourage fat loss or for a boost during class! 
Workout Clothes!
 This one is pretty obvious, but proper workout clothes can make or break a class! We are all about helping you get into those skinny jeans, but save them for after class! T-shirts and shorts can't be beat for summer! Another tip: make sure your clothes will stay on you! We have seen some unintentional exposures during jumping jacks, running, and squats! Make sure your clothes are as committed to your program as you are! 

Stay tuned for more tips and updates! We are closing in on your first day of class! 

Friday, May 24, 2013


A new company is BORN! Finish Fit, LLC. This blog will be dedicated to all folks who are looking to "FINISH FIT" I've dedicated my life to fitness for the past 12 years. In high school I was a cross country runner. I was fit and felt great. My story changed when I got into college. I focused so much on school that I lost sight of my health and fitness. I gained 50lb over 5 years and my cholestrol shot off the roof. The funny part is that I didn't realize how overweight I was until I saw a picture of my license...WOW! I was shocked. So, I hired myself a trainer and went on a diet. It wasn't long before my trainer told me that he had gotten a gig on the show "workout" with Jakie Warner, and that he had to leave to follow his dreams. So, the next question for me was, what do I do now? Well, I started to study fitness, got certified, and started working as a trainer. I worked at various big chain clubs, became the fitness manager, and now I've started my own fitness company. I've dedicated the last 12 years to changing lives. I've helped thousands of folks get fit and now I'm about to do the same for you. This blog is dedicated to ALL of you who are struggling with your health just as I did. I hope that I can help change your life just as my trainer helped change mine. Best wishes!